Home Study Vol. 2 'Cultivating Spirituality for Permanent Peace of Mind'
Create a Vision of wealth that inspires and motivates you! Resolve any religious issues you may have about financial success. Learn and practice 4 different meditations for building a wealth consciousness.

Each Home Study Volume includes 4 CD's and a 20+ page guidebook with:

Insightful expert teaching from Karen Russo to help you expand your knowledge of the Laws of Unity, Creation and Circulation, Inspirational stories of inner and outer success that you can model, A variety of short, medium and long guided meditations and exercises so you can apply the practices to your spirituality, beliefs and habits, Step-by-step tools, worksheets and actions to integrate spirituality and money, Links to PDF files, online audio tracks, and resource list so you stay active and supported, A one-on-one telephone session with a spiritual coach to guide your process, and Powerful musical tracks from several gifted artists for your enjoyment!