Book Group
Our 10-week book group sessions are lead by Money Keys Certified Master Coach, Suzanne Musa , and include direct input, wisdom, and advice from Money Keys author, Rev. Karen Russo. Additionally, book group members will benefit from:
  • A complete chapter-by-chapter guide to reading The Money Keys book
  • A guide to using the online tools and resources
  • Weekly coaching calls led by Suzanne, including 3 opportunites for you to receive personal coaching attention
  • Rev. Karen's wisdom and mentoring on at least three calls
  • Weekly recorded audio messages for inspiration and clarity about the principles you're learning
  • Weekly emails to guide your progress
  • Your own Prosperity Partner for encouragement and accountability
Required Materials
  • The Money Keys book
  • Access to email and the Internet
  • The desire to realize spiritual money mastery. It's Easy to Participate and Prosper!
  • Evening teleconferences are recorded for replay if you miss a Group meeting
  • Reading, brief calls with your Prosperity Partner, and exercises are on your schedule
Your Investment
  • The 10-week Book Group is just $ $399 and includes a FREE autographed copy of the Money Keys hardcover book!