You can immediately enjoy…
…feeling permanent financial security and spiritual connection
…increased creativity for new projects and ventures
…positive business results and financial productivity


The Money Keys: Unlocking Peace, Freedom, & Real Financial Power (Book)

The highly-acclaimed book by Rev. Karen Russo offers a fresh and practical perspective on spirituality and money. The Money Keys, includes success stories that you can model, reflection exercises, ideas for action, and downloadable tools and templates in every chapter. Get immediate financial results as well as developing a strong spiritually rich vision.

Ready for more ease, satisfaction and success with your money?

The Money Keys Essentials Kit

Apply the universal laws of money to discover peace of mind,  more  creativity; improved business profits and much more with The Money Keys Essentials Kit. Based on the successful Money Keys spiritual principles and financial strategies, these materials available for self-directed learning shipped to your door enable you to delve further into vital aspects of wealth creation.


The Essentials Kit offers you insightful, expert teaching from Karen Russo to help you expand your knowledge and get results. Included are:
  • The Money Keys book with exercises, action tips and tools
  • Meditations for Wealth audio cd with 4 guided meditations
  • ‘3 Questions to Make Powerful Money Choices’ audio cd
  • Musical Inspiration cd 12 songs from positive music artists
  • $100 Affirmation ‘I love and respect myself enough to live a financially prosperous and responsible life’

Already active in a personal spiritual practice and ready to go deeper at home with the spiritual principles and financial tools?



The Money Keys Community

The Money Keys CommunityCreate the vision, mindset, and habits to reach your spiritual and financial dreams!   

Rev. Karen’s premiere program is the brand new  Rev. Karen’s premiere program is the brand new Money Keys Community. As a member you prosper in a learning and membership community where you deepen spiritually and achieve your financial and professional goals, thriving at your own pace.

As a member you receive:


a learning and membership community where you deepen spiritually and achieve your financial and professional goals, thriving at your own pace

one organized, flexible, online, 24/7/ 365 location for 100’s of spiritual money mastery teachings, videos, exercises, meditations, tools, stories, and processes

access to personal mentoring from Rev. Karen on live calls and online forum

customized, sequenced structures for applying the comprehensive curriculum so you address your most important issues quickly

accountability so you can track, celebrate and honor the results you achieve

immediate joy of experiencing greater circulation of value and money, PLUS

loving support of a group of committed spiritual wealth leaders

How would you flourish in the Money Keys Community?


21 Day Self Study Jumpstart

Prefer to work on your own pace and get a quick start developing your spirituality, beliefs and habits with money? The 21 Self Study Jumpstart includes powerful daily lessons for an intense experience of spiritual breakthroughs and financial results. You get audios, music, exercises, readings and tools delivered to you daily and have an online library to access forever.

Is it your time to get a quick start to more spiritual and financial riches?

Rev. Karen’s Personal Spiritual Mentoring

Breakthrough Personal Mentoring is designed for experienced, conscious wealth creators who are leading businesses, projects or teams that are poised for growth, contribution, and profound success.  Personal Mentoring agreements are customized to your unique needs and feature in-person retreat days with Rev. Karen in gorgeous Arizona plus regular one-on-one sessions.  Your investment is a minimum of 3-6 months of dedicated time and $3500 - $5000.  You’ll  be immersed in spiritual principles, practical tools, support, and spiritual guidance with Rev. Karen.  Prepare to enjoy unprecedented levels of success.

Ready to lead your wealth creation with Rev. Karen's personal mentoring?

Couples Coaching Program

It can be  painful, draining and discouraging to struggle over money with your beloved!  Couples Coaching  is a customized journey for committed couples who want more intimacy, order, connection and cash flow in business, family, investments, and relationship.  Rev. Karen guides you in creating your Wealth Vision, Financial Goals, Shared Spiritual Practices, and Mutual Money Agreements so you thrive TOGETHER.

See how an investment in your relationship can pay dividends for a lifetime

Audio, Book Chapter and 3 Guided Lessons show you how to escape from Scarcity, Superstition and Survival Mode!
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“After years of spiritual studies, I was still subtly keeping my money separate from the rest of my life. With Karen’s guidance in The Money Keys, I saw how to directly apply the tools of meditation, journalling, visioning and gratitude into my finances. I see that the source of all flow is The Divine, not me, my talent or my hard work. I feel much more confident and peaceful about sharing my natural gifts and increasing my bottom line.”
- John Corriel, Licensed Spiritual Counselor, Actor, Entrepreneur, Chicago, IL

"I had just gotten through the Introduction to The Money Keys when I felt renewed excitement about the financial operations of our business! I'm a creative, artistic designer and super successful with all the right brain elements. Somehow it's always felt like the money stuff was a little boring, vague or scary. But the way Karen Russo explains the link of spirituality and money makes everything feel so accessible and relevant to me. I recommend these tools to any artist, writer or creative genius who wants to make money a fun and fabulous part of your life!"
- Amy Michelson, Celebrity Fashion Designer