“My mission is to help people like you unlock the wealth within, so that you can consciously create the financial freedom you crave. I help you release judgment, surrender fear, and open your mind to the powerful laws of the universe that create our results.”


Karen Russo

Author, The Money Keys

Creator, 21 Day Money Keys Jumpstart

What if you could change the (unconscious) patterns that are keeping you stuck in a negative money loop— always chasing money but never having enough to truly feel abundant?


What if a lot of what you have been taught about creating wealth was focused on the WRONG things?


What if you could recapture the wasted time and lost energy that has been so destructive to your self-confidence, your ability to express yourself, and your capacity to earn and keep money?


Hard to believe? Of course. It sounds so far-fetched that it becomes impossible to comprehend for most people.


But I believe that you are different from most people! Because…

  • You already recognize that everything, including money, is connected to something greater.

  • You already understand that universal laws work in—in favor of—or against us according to how we use them.

  • You are willing to learn, apply, and reap the rewards of an emerging teaching that can set you free.

And THAT is exactly why I want you to jumpstart your financial freedom and activate the universal laws of money. They ARE yours to claim. Better still, they are backed by science. The truth is…

Money Loves Movement and Rhythm Gets Results!

And that is exactly what you will experience during this transformational, step-by-step journey into your personal money mastery.


I want you to imagine for a second how it would feel like to be able to:

  • Release money blocks and reprogram your subconscious mind with these money mastery keys so that you can make better financial decisions that will support you in creating wealth.

  • Resolve financial issues and reduce debt so that you can activate your ability to receive abundance.

  • Get rid of finance-related anxiety attacks and sleepless nights which are keeping you stuck in reactive mode when instead you should be in proactive mode.

  • Master practical money management skills that you can apply in everyday life situations to maximize your money and minimize expenses.

  • Deepen your spiritual awareness and open your wealth receptors. Hello, financial freedom!

  • Transform your self-image around money so that you open to new ways of thinking that will change the way you look at money— forever.

  • Increase revenue and streamline business expenses just because you can!

You are About to Discover How You
Can Become a Conscious Wealth Creator!

When you deliberately invest time, energy, attention to the development of your spirituality, the clarification of your money beliefs, AND the improvement of your regular money habits, you’ll be able to consciously tap into the truth of your inherent prosperous nature and create your unique experience of wealth!


I know it sounds amazing, yet this is exactly what my clients and I are doing every single day of every week. Without push. Without fear. Without struggle.


No Magic. No Hogwash—Just Science-Backed Truth.


When you replace the negative unconscious habits that keep you stuck in financial victimhood, you can CONSCIOUSLY dial your energy into a different frequency— where you’ll experience a new, spiritually inspiring, clear, focused, and powerful relationship with money!


You are already wealthy! You just don’t have the keys (yet) to unlock your WEALTH


Unlocking your WEALTH requires that we work together with the latest tools for spiritual deepening and financial expansion. How do I know this?

I am Rev. Karen Russo, MBA, Money Momentum Coach, and creator of the 21 Day Money Keys Jumpstart journey. 

Think of me as your guide in spiritual wealth creation.

I’m the award-winning author of The Money Keys: Unlocking Peace, Freedom, and Real Financial Power book and Grow Yourself, Grow Your Wealth mini book, with endorsements from my teachers Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Sharon Lechter, Loral Langemeier, and T. Harv Eker, with a foreword by Bob Proctor.

Everything I teach is based on my experience and expertise as an ordained interfaith minister, top-selling salesperson, successful corporate trainer, and Ivy League MBA.


My mission is to help people like you unlock your wealth within, so that you can consciously create the financial freedom you crave. I will help you release judgment, surrender fear, and open your mind to the powerful laws of the universe that affect our outcomes.


You do not have to waste another minute or another dollar struggling alone. If you’ve been dabbling with a spiritual approach to money but still have co-mingled accounts, unhealed money relationships, an underperforming business, a stagnant salary, low financial self-esteem— or you simply know that there’s more for you to express in your life, the 21 Day Money Keys Jumpstart can help you!


After over 15 years of working with thousands of people across the world with the Money Keys message, I have concluded that identifying, achieving, and sustaining a new level of spiritual peace of mind about money AND financial excellence is absolutely possible.


I have been blessed to witness business owners, spiritual seekers, and creative professionals choose to pick up and use the tools of spiritual money mastery. They are living the principles of unity, co-creation, and circulation. It has been amazing and inspiring. BUT— it is just not magical or automatic.

Introducing the 21 Day Money Keys Jumpstart

Your KEY to Unlock the WEALTH WITHIN

The 21 Day Money Keys Jumpstart is a digital self-study program with secure access to video, audio, reading, exercises, music, and tools designed for your 20-30 minutes daily practice over 21 days, focused on your spiritual experience of money.


The 21 Day Money Keys Jumpstart content is a beautifully integrated approach—inspiration, mindset, strategy, and tools—about you and your money.  You develop your spirituality, beliefs, and habits in an accelerated experience.


This complete online curriculum is designed for today’s spiritual seeker. The daily lessons have been curated for most compelling content, mix of modalities, and greatest likelihood of getting a breakthrough.

Exactly What's Inside the 21-Day Money Keys Jumpstart?

Content Curated for Spiritual Transformation AND Financial Increase


Once you register for the 21 Day Money Keys Jumpstart, you will receive login credentials for a secure online member site where your 21 Day curriculum including all Bonuses can be accessed.  Plus, you can opt to receive the Daily Lessons by email so you can access your materials on any device.

  • A Welcome Video from Karen Russo and Step-by-Step Guidance to select your Spiritual and Financial Goals

  • 21 Days of Daily Lessons with a 20-minute morning practice and 5-minute evening reflection, delivered through a secure member online portal and the option of a daily email as well.

Daily Lessons are a brilliant blend of the 3 critical development areas required to achieve your Spiritual and Financial Goals: Spirituality, Beliefs, and Habits. Specific topics in the Daily Lessons include Forgiveness, Money Management, Wealth Vision, Giving, Gratitude, Abundance Affirmations, and more.


Daily Lessons include readings, audios, downloads, music, and exercises carefully curated for maximum spiritual deepening and financial results within 21 days.


You will have total control in how you want to digest the daily 21 Day Money Key Jumpstart content and embodiment exercises. They get delivered in 20-minute bites every morning with a selected reading, audio, or reflection activity. The evening practice is a short reflection or a music selection. 

Enjoy these Bonuses to Enhance your Spiritual and Financial Transformation

Music for Wealthy Living CD

Musical tracks are included in the core 21 Day Money Keys curriculum, and you will receive the full Music for Wealthy Living CD digital version.


Enjoy inspiring, sacred, and enlightening songs from today’s most gifted positive music artists including Daniel Nahmod, Rickie Byars Beckwith, and Karen Drucker.


Assembled by Orgena Rose, these selections are intended to help you deeply feel the spiritual promise of Karen Russo’s teachings.

The Money Keys book

Full and complete pdf text of Karen Russo’s original book, The Money Keys: Unlocking Peace, Freedom, and Real Financial Power.  


You will have all the research, principles, and deep teaching that is the foundation of the spirituality, beliefs, and habits approach to money.

Grow Yourself, Grow Your Wealth mini book

As you integrate the spiritual deepening and practical money skills you learn in the 21 Day Jumpstart, this mini book is the perfect resource to help sustain your breakthroughs.


Learn weekly prosperity practices, Money Monday, and Faithful Friday so you accelerate your financial results through weekly money momentum!

Sharing Love and Money Tools

Whether you are currently in a romantic relationship or not there is some great wisdom about the strategies and tools for being in financial partnership with someone you love. Enjoy an audio guided exercise, and a simple checklist that can get you working together for good. 

Invest Willingness, Time, and Energy and Get Results

Previous students have experienced results that have them leading their money from Grace, Power, Joy, Peace, and Freedom.  Imagine what is possible for you!

  • Pay off lingering debt.

  • Release financial shame, let go of the past, and step into a more prosperous future.

  • Feel confident in every financial decision you make while growing your income.

  • Reconnect with your spiritual wisdom and make smarter money choices.

  • Attract new clients, investments, and income opportunities into your life– and do it with ease.

  • Eliminate piles of paper, unreconciled accounts, and incomplete stuff weighing you down.

  • Celebrate YOU— as a peaceful, inspired, creative, powerful, generous, and free spirit.

  • Celebrate your MONEY LIFE— experience a new organized, systematic, abundant, and excellent version of you.

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Shauntay Williams

Creative Entrepreneur

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Management Consulting

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Virtual Assistant to Conscious Entrepreneurs

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Are You Ready to Step into Prosperous Flow?

An easy investment gets you great returns! 
If purchased separately, these elements would cost you over $300


  • Core 21 Day Curriculum

    *Preparation Guide for Goal Setting - Value $25

    *Complete 21 Days of Daily Lessons, 
    Audios, and Exercises - 
    Value $210

  • Bonuses

    *Music for Wealthy Living CD tracks - Value $15

    *The Money Keys book PDF - Value $20
    *Grow Yourself Grow Your Wealth PDF -  Value $10

    *Sharing Love and Money Tools -  Value $20

Wondering if This is for YOU?

This is for you IF— you want to participate in the emerging consciousness around money to unlock the experience of wealth within. It’s time to have money conversations based on your values, empowerment, and professional success.


This is for you IF— you are willing, capable, and committed to investing daily time and energy to spiritual practices. It will only work if you are willing to set intention, be accountable, and are determined to have what you desire.


This is for you IF— you want to be an active, engaged participant in a revolutionary teaching experience.

Requirements for your success:

  • You will need access to the web as the program’s components, including mp3 audios, PDF documents, and other tools are virtually delivered in a private member site. 
  • You’ll need to commit to a daily morning practice with 20 minutes of quiet, focused reflection, and 5 minutes every evening.
  • You will need a willingness to change your relationship with yourself and your money!

The 21 Day Money Keys Jumpstart May NOT Be a Fit If:

  • You are not willing to give up being critical of yourself and others.

  • You are more comfortable staying where you are than taking the risk to grow, change, and thrive.

  • The investment of time, money, and attention feels too overwhelming... Stretching is OK– straining is not!



Complete the Welcome and Preparation Guide. Engage in the morning and evening practices for 7 Days. If after those 7 Days, you honestly feel this 21 Day Money Keys Jumpstart does not live up to your expectations, call 877-249-0194 or email Customer Care.


Show us the work you have done. Let us know it is not for you. I will personally refund your investment.

Your Next Step to Jumpstart Spiritual and Financial Breakthrough is Here