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Ready to Jumpstart Your Money Mindset and Income?

Too many smart, hardworking, inspired business owners, coaches, healers, sales leaders, spiritual seekers, and creative folks –just like many of you-- are wasting time and energy upset, overwhelmed, and ashamed about money.


Old doubts creep in when you want to brainstorm new ideas


Tracking and managing the money you do have is difficult and exhausting


Your business is not generating the consistent revenue you need to grow

  • Your Energy Drains

  • Your Time is Wasted

  • You are NOT making sound Financial Decisions

These ‘money traps’ are blocking you from making the money you desire—and sharing your gifts with the world!


Karen Russo, award-winning author of The Money Keys, has identified underlying causes behind the struggles that so many face, and created an entire curriculum of Money Momentum strategies needed to break free.


The solution can seem like working harder, investing in the next cutting-edge online system, or hiring one more coach or team member.


However, the real answers are more subtle, more powerful, AND more sustainable.


Your Challenge with Money is About YOU


When we are fearful, resentful, or disorganized with money it's really about our Money Leadership. Karen Russo has discovered and teaches a holistic set of strategies, mindset, and tools to build wealth through focused action AND experience wealth with awareness and presence. This integrated approach created Money Momentum—a sustainable flow of giving and receiving, of providing value and generating revenue, that provides the foundation for making money while making a difference.


When you grow yourself as a leader, you naturally grow your wealth.


Karen Russo has invested 30 years in a spiritual and professional journey making the connection between business and spirit, masculine and feminine, money and meaning. Karen is an expert in making the connection between universal spiritual principles and the practical realities of money-making. Her clients and audiences stay on purpose and achieve results.


Whether you are looking for a speaker or workshop leader for your community or you are an entrepreneur who is personally ready to jumpstart your money mindset and earning capacity, Karen Russo can help.


Need an Engaging Speaker? 

Looking for an expert to inspire, educate, and empower your audience?


Karen Russo shares from 30 years of wisdom in personal growth and business success. She delivers strategic wisdom and practical tools for corporate events, entrepreneurial conferences, and women’s groups.

Discover how Karen’s speaking and facilitation can deliver results for your audience.


Ready for a Breakthrough?

If you are a coach, healer, service expert, business leader, or creative type who is struggling with upset or overwhelm with your money… it is costing you.


Want immediate access to a holistic self-study toolkit to heal your relationship with money?



Activate your focus, release old patterns, and get moving with your money!

Karen Russo's Guidance and Teaching Creates Transformation...
and Results!

Karen Russo is a radiant and powerful woman, as well as a deeply insightful and gifted spiritual teacher. Prepare to be celebrated and unleashed in ways you never dared dream possible.

Katherine Woodward Thomas, MFT

I was worried about carrying so much business debt. Karen’s teaching and money tools created momentum—and restored my confidence!

Now I have a consistent practice that helps me stay focused and centered. I worry less and enjoy my business more and more.



Nozomi Michiki Morgan

I was personally blown away by both the depth of the spiritual message and the practicality of Karen’s advice. I took 3 immediate actions in my own business: daily affirmations, hiring a new bookkeeper and simplifying the financial structure for my business. Within a month my income tripled! Tripled! I'm empowered, spiritually aligned, and excited.

Amy Ahlers