Deprivation Does Not Work!

How to Cut Back on Expenses Without Feeling Deprived.


A highly respected financial advisor suggests that it is important to avoid debt by reminding yourself that “I don’t deserve this” when you feel the impulse to buy something not on your budget.


Another points out that one of the best ways to save is to skip your $6 latte so you can forego $1200 in yearly expenses.


A well-known report on American millionaire families seems to elevate driving used cars as the primary wealth building practice.


Well I disagree!


Any money-saving tactical strategy should be based on a loving, worthy mindset as your spiritual financial foundation. After almost a decade of working with thousands of creative professionals, coaches, business owners and spiritual seekers all over the globe, I’ve seen that cutting-back tactics can’t be sustained unless we believe that we are lovable, worthy and valuable.

Your loving Creator wants you resourced, supplied, and expressed.


Our Money Keys approach is anchored in the belief that we live in a friendly, loving universe that has a spiritual reality beyond our human bodies and experiences. God / Higher Power/ Spirit/ Life/ Creator is an infinite, eternal presence and we are made in its image and likeness.


In other words, God does want you to “be rich!” We are not meant to suffer, be punished, or forced to earn our spiritual worth. Yes, we have tremendous challenges in the material world, but when we truly feel that these are not God-ordained, well, we work with money in lighter, more loving way.


The best way to treat yourself lovingly with money is to behave like you believe in your worth and value.


Ironically, that will often include making smart decisions about spending, expenses and paying yourself first.


Here are three essentials of an emotionally and fiscally healthy money management system for yourself, your business, and your family.

  1. Money for giving. When money comes in, give thanks for the 100% you receive, deliberately recognizing that God is your Source, and that money comes through channels. Then, off the top, give some % of the money to people, institutions, or causes that inspire you to feel more connected to the infinite, spiritual nature of your being. The amount is less important that the consistent, conscious giving. When you do this, you will immediately feel profound self-regard, as in “I am a generous giver.”
  2. Money for savings/prefunding. For your business, you may have marketing, equipment, or resources you would love to invest in. Prefunding by setting aside money helps you grow your business without the drama of inconsistent cash flow. You’ll also find this is a great tool for family money—some amount going to retirement savings off the top creates a sense of satisfaction and choice for now and the future.
  3. Money for “play.” What? How can we put play money before debts, salaries, and essential stuff like that? Well, if we do not have some money for fun, splurging, and play, our inner kids will eventually rebel. It is delightful to spend money on experiences or things you just plain want when the money has been already set aside. Bill and I took a whole trip to Italy that we prefunded for about 9 months before. Wow, that felt so free! Again, start small and symbolic if you need to.

It is a paradox that when you start with the spiritual and include money for savings and play, that yes, you’ll maybe decide to skip the fabulous shoes and spendy latte or drive a used car. But you’ll do that from a place of love and freedom!