Freed from Financial Fear -
and a $26,000 Burden!

She Freed Herself from Money Terror.


“I thought I would owe almost $30,000 in benefits that I took after my husband’s death that I wasn’t qualified for… and it was tearing me up inside,” says Leslie, one of our Money Keys students. “For months I was paralyzed and angry by the specter of losing what I had and maybe missing out on future money.”


Can you relate? I sure can. I remember a time when an investment seemed to be evaporating – and I was so upset about it that I let it fester and would not take action for weeks.


Sometimes not knowing or facing what is happening or not happening with our money can seem like a coping strategy – What we don’t know can’t hurt us, right?


Here is the paradoxical and powerful truth I have learned for myself, and with wonderful clients and students like you:


Facing the facts about our money opens Possibility! Facts free us to act, choose, and prosper.


As spiritual beings we have access to limitless intelligence, energy, and potentiality through our oneness with our Creator. But as human beings we often use or “invest” our precious resources in less than profitable ways.


If we are spending time and energy wondering and worrying about a money thing, it’s costing us the opportunity to invest that time and energy in more productive and positive ways.


In other words, dwelling on the not-quite-accurate-but-catastrophized story in our heads diminishes us.


This first step out is to decide you would rather face a fact than waste a moment.


That is what Leslie did. Clarity and Freedom were the spiritual qualities she chose to work with. Getting in right relationship with her husband’s benefits was number one of her three financial goals. She did a deep version of the Money Monday practice, gathered her numbers and documents, said a prayer, and made her phone calls.


Of course, she reached an angelic, helpful person and discovered that, due to her age, the clarified regulations, and the details of her case that she was fully entitled to all the benefits she had received – and there was no repayment or withheld benefits to come.


“I’m free! It is $26,000 of income that is rightfully mine. I’m also ready to look at every place in my money life where confusion is draining me,” she reported afterwards.


Facts are our friends when it comes to money – even when the facts are not what we want them to be. When I sought out the facts about my investment and confirmed that it was headed in a downward direction, it was upsetting to face those facts – but I also got to take action to limit the damage, complete what I needed to take care of, and then move on sooner rather than later.


Right now, what is the most draining psychic financial situation you’re facing? What are you wondering about? What is bothering you?


Take a deep breath, imagine the loving light of your divine creator surrounding you, and know that I’m right there with you as well.


What fact will you face? What is the first phone call, email, or research you need to do? How soon can you do it?


I completely believe in your power to bring light to facts and move forward with freedom!