Financial Forgiveness
Part 1: Face the Facts

Face the Facts, Change the Story, Choose to Move Forward…

Did that just happen?

It cost $3750 that wasn’t in the budget, but it seemed like such a good idea.

‘Everyone’ is moving to that technology, so you said yes too.

That new hire needs to be trained, but she has potential.

You took the pricey conference trip because there seemed to be new clients there.

Yeah, that did just happen! As business owners, coaches, experts, and professionals, we make money choices that don’t bring us the return we want.

When those events end up in outstanding credit card debt, or unfulfilled programs, or lost opportunities, it costs us. We feel the financial pain of overspending, having a loss, not being profitable, and missing out on opportunities.


The other pain that so many heart-centered, smart, hardworking coaches, healers, and experts carry with them is emotional regret, shame, upset, and overwhelm.

Over these 3 articles, I describe the transformational components of financial forgiveness.


#1. Face the Financial Facts. The emotional and practical burden of what happened is exacerbated when we try to stuff down the cringing emotions when we look at the business credit card balance or see the QuickBooks reports.


It’s embarrassing to feel like a fraud because we made a mistake in the very thing we’re supposed to be an expert in. When upsets come, they are uncomfortable. Turning away from the data may seem self-protective.

But the energy spent in NOT looking drains you… and does not get you leading and changing the facts. Managing the burden of the past choices also stifles your creativity here in the present moment. That is why step number one is to face the facts.

Open your journal to a fresh page. I recommend a simple inventory process, inspired by the 12-step programs or the ancient religious practice of confession. Take a deep breath. Start with one decision or experience.


Capture main elements of what happened factually. Include specific numbers and details. ‘This opportunity arose.’ ‘I made the decision to move forward.’ ‘I picked up the credit card.’ ‘The payoff was this… or that.’ ‘The outstanding debt now is this number.’

With the facts in front of you, take another deep breath, and capture for yourself the emotional feeling and the inner conversation that has been generated from that story of the past. ‘Today, regarding this event, I tell myself…’ Continue until you have the essence of what you say to yourself about this issue.

You did it! Give yourself the credit for the first part of Step #1, Facing the Facts. The next part is important and healing. You are going to share the facts with a loving, confidential person. When you share, you are asking to be heard, not ‘helped.’ Share what happened. Feel the feelings. And know that you’re ready for Steps 2 and 3 that I’ll share about in the coming weeks.

If you’re serious about the transformation of financial forgiveness, you’ll likely benefit from joining a group, sharing with a confidential trusted prosperity partner, or working with a money coach. Support is powerful. That’s why many join us for experiences like the 21 Day Jumpstart and stay connected to the Money Keys Client Community over time.

No matter what has happened to you financially, you are precious, valuable, and worthy!