Financial Forgiveness
Part 3: Move Forward

Face the Facts, Change the Story, Choose to Move Forward…

You faced the facts. You have looked squarely at your financial choices, investment decisions, or expenses.

You stopped the self-criticism. You identified the inner dialogue about yourself and money… and you have begun into a more empowered conversation about who you are and what happened.

Are you ready to move forward, clean things up, and get paid? Now your energy and attention are more available in the present moment. Congrats! Let us get you into Step #3: Move Forward.


#3 Move Forward. With financial forgiveness, moving forward often includes financial reparation and inspired leadership action.

Financial reparation and inspired leadership are both important and distinct. For many people, financial clean up requires that you pay off a lingering debt, make good on an obligation, or deliver on a client promise. Sometimes you work with the consequences of the past even when you are emotionally ready for it to be over.

I encourage you to set up reparations, repayments, and obligations realistically and automatically. Do not torture yourself by having to decide and redecide every month how much of a business credit card you will be paying back. Do not create a refund or clean-up plan that is too much of a stretch for you or your team.

You will need resources to grow and move forward. Be careful of over personalizing the repayment of a debt and deny yourself the salary you need, the marketing resources required, or the support you deserve as a form of self-punishment.


Adopt a businessperson’s attitude: ‘We had a learning lesson. We have got a financial obligation to complete. Let’s make that a percentage of ongoing business.’ With that perspective, you will move forward.

In addition to financial reparation, you will want to grow as a leader of your money. Create what you do want in your business and profession with the lesson of insights from the financial forgiveness that you have done.


Talk openly with your coach, team, and prosperity partners about lessons learned, wisdom gained, and the capacities you commit to as a leader.

Celebrate!  You have been engaged in a powerful breakthrough process: the 3 Steps of Financial Forgiveness: Face the Facts, Change the Story, and Move Forward.