Create Wealth with the
Masculine and Feminine

There are two universal problems we are working to solve in our relationship with money. One is that when spirituality and money are disconnected, people suffer. The other is that when people don’t have consistent action toward their goals, if they lack ways to stay focused on where they are going, they don’t make progress.

A holistic, spiritual approach to money directly addresses the issues of spiritual suffering and financial stagnation. It helps people feel powerful, prosperous, peaceful, and free – regardless of their financial circumstance.

Masculine and feminine energies create together. Within each of us there is a capacity for masculine and feminine qualities and approaches. Masculine and feminine work together effectively and successfully in our life and in our wealth.

The key in wealth-building, as within leading our lives, is to appreciate both. When the masculine and feminine are both valued and leveraged, everybody benefits. Neither quality is positive. Neither quality is negative. The qualities are different, and each offers its own unique traits.

Masculine Money Focus Builds Wealth through Action


Building masculine money focus helps you create wealth through action. Masculine qualities of doing accelerate the financial results you desire.

Wealth is a state of wholeness where needs are met, conditions are intelligently understood, and supply is distributed with accuracy and perfection. For many wealth builders who want to lead their wealth more boldly, anchoring into Wisdom creates more powerful decisions about work, profession, investing, providing, and giving.

Inspired action gets results. Masculine action is focused, deliberate and confident. Often women who are developing their spiritual wealth leadership relieve overwhelm when they take simple, consistent, inspired actions in their money lives—becoming comfortable with the masculine provider energy within themselves.


All wealth creators thrive with a healthy practice of spiritual habits and behaviors.
Where in your money life are you being called to get into action and give? Where can you generously give more money, attention, decision, or services?


Feminine Spiritual Faith Experiences Wealth through Awareness


The feminine energy of wealth is all about cultivating feminine spiritual faith which helps you experience wealth through awareness. In feminine energy we awaken and become receptive.
One of the attributes of the divine feminine is Love, the infinite embrace. Love is unconditioned generous welcoming of all energies, experiences, and expressions. Love as a wealth principle is the idea that our existence is valuable… just because of who we are. We need to do nothing to earn Love.

Receptivity and graciousness are big time income strategies. Gratitude is a feminine spiritual practice—receptivity and appreciation for all the material channels that spiritual source flows though activates more flow. I encourage all wealth builders, men and women, beginners and experienced, to have a vital, fresh gratitude practice in your profession, your business, your family finances. Grateful individuals are already wealthy… and stay that way!

When an individual has a practice of spiritual study, meditation, and prayer that welcomes the felt experience of Divine Love, then every aspect of her material life, including money, work and profession, is perceived as flowing from the spiritual source, and therefore being supportive, sustaining and purposeful.

How can you deepen in your feminine spiritual awareness to reveal the riches of your wealthy life?

When you build with the masculine and enjoy with the feminine you prosper in a holistic way that sustains you spiritually and financially!