Money Management:

Circulate and Thrive

How to Increase Income.


“Where do I start?”


This is a question I hear from overwhelmed, smart, hardworking entrepreneurs who are launching or growing their businesses and want to move from hobby level income into the $50,000-$70,000 annual range – or who are at that level and know they can get into the low six figures… and maybe beyond!


The best place to start to generate more income is to insure you have the foundation in place for healthy financial vitality. Any healthy relationship, body, or system has free flowing energy or exchange of information, life force, and value.


In other words, Circulation is your financial foundation. Circulation is the universal reality that all of life is Giving and Receiving.  Circulation is one of the 3 Money Keys, the universal principles that create our rich experience of a holistic money life.


Sometimes business owners who want to grow emphasize only getting strategies – how to identify the best clients, get the best margin, defeat the competitors. While these tactics can produce results, it’s hard to sustain growth on a premise of win/lose. If you’re gaining while another is losing, that’s not circulation, it’s depletion.


Circulation includes giving your attention to the flows of money in your life. Sometimes a fresh start with money management provides insight and opens new channels of receptivity.


Here is the simple sequence for creating a spiritually generous vision for the flows of money coming into your business and life now. Try this process with your existing business or isolate one product line or program launch to apply this approach to.

  1. Giving. Give thanks for the 100% you receive. Off the top give a percentage – 10% or whatever tithing amount feels right to you – to people, institutions, and causes that spiritually inspire you.
  2. Savings. Allocate a percentage for savings or to pre-fund an investment in your business. You might even designate multiple savings pools to put towards different items such as expanding fixed and variable business expenses, debt repayment, salary/ team, and more.
  3. Fun. Be sure to set aside a percentage for fun/play or enrichment for you, as the talent and leader in your money life.

Some business owners may be frustrated that current income doesn’t cover all expenses; even so, find creative ways to have symbolic amounts going to the essentials of Giving, Saving and Fun – and you’ll discover that more flows in the top.


Perhaps you already have a system that includes the elements above, but the sequencing feels off. For example, giving happens at the end of the period if there’s money left over. Or new business investment is done before there’s a corresponding return or pre-funded savings available. I highly recommend putting giving, savings, and fun first.