My White Privilege
and Making Money

What Came WAY Clearer about Freedom as a spiritual principle at the African American History Museum.


Here is a post from July 4th holiday in the USA… inspired by some of the insights from my recent visit to the Smithsonian’s powerful African American History museum. That is me above with Shirley Chisholm.


4th of July in the USA


Fireworks.  Hot Dogs.  Baseball.


I do like 2 out of 3 of those things. (I tend to go for carnitas tacos at the ballpark.)


And I, like many of you, from our diverse virtual global community, am still hopeful and respectful, about American values of freedom of religion, speech, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


But, like many of you, I have grown increasingly concerned with where my country has been, is now, and seems to be going with economic, civil, racial, sexual, and health justice for all.


My expertise is in working with business owners and professional folks who want to increase their income AND make a positive difference in the world with a spiritually inspired approach to money.

We don’t do any of that separate from what is happening in our larger community.


I have become more aware recently of how I personally benefitted all my life from the unspoken privilege of being a white, middle class, Ivy League educated individual. that is part of my personal journey with financial freedom. 


Our current experience of financial freedom exists with history and context to our political and social freedoms.


Financial Freedom is a combination of Freedom FROM past financial and emotional debts and Freedom TO create and circulate in the future.  


Freedom From.


Releasing debts from the past starts with an emotional healing, which almost always includes some form of forgiveness.  That means releasing the judgement, the negative interpretation, we hold about the past, particularly related to our own choices and decision.  For me, there is guilt, shame, and discomfort that I have been willing to face around my unconsciousness about my own privilege.


What emotional story are you burdening yourself with about your financial past? Bankruptcy?  Divorce?  Business loss? Investment betrayal? Workplace injustice? Are you willing to feel those feeling and release the emotional hold that story?  That is how you get free FROM.


When the emotional burden lessons, it is easier to act in the present moment.  Do you need to file a suit, repay a loan, ask for reparations, confront someone, bless an ex?  You are free to do that.


Freedom To.


Burdens from the past block creativity if we assume that challenges from the past dictate a worrisome future.  I strongly suggest a regular spiritual practice that includes some form of meditation that allows your mind to regularly quiet. Now you’re anchored in present moment awareness.


When we are present, we are more available to connect with our natural creativity.  We’re free TO. Creativity is open minded capacity now applied to the potentiality of the future.


For me, I’ve always been appreciative of leading a diverse community with people from different classes, background, races, and religions having been part of our Money Keys programs and community over the last 15 years.


I am committing now to being much more explicit and proactive about inclusion and participation in the events I produce and participate in.  We all learn and grow more when more of us are at the table.


What is your growing edge of freedom and creativity? When you and I are courageously creative in business, art, community, and life right in the awareness of what is factually happening around us, well, we are replicating the nature of the divine.  We are giving and sharing from the infinite.


And because we all are connected, each one in freedom makes a big difference to the whole.