How to Banish Money Worries

As a business or creative professional, whether you consider yourself poor, middle class, or rich, you’ve most likely experienced money worries. Yes, even rich people worry about money! And paradoxically some people whom we might consider achingly poor somehow manage to find peace and happiness despite their lack of material wealth.


How is this possible? Quite simply, money worries are not just about money.


Try a quick experiment and answer this question:


How much money do you need to feel secure? Go ahead, let yourself choose an amount of money that you need to feel safe from financial concerns. Got it?


Having a hard number like this to aim for is valuable. When I work with entrepreneurs, coaches, and creative folks, I want to know right away about revenues, expense, profit margins, outstanding liabilities, income potential, and financial results desired.


Knowing your number helps you feel more confident and less tentative, and therefore make better decisions about your profession, your family, and your life.


But something inside you may be a little nervous with this. Your deeper intuition tells you that just achieving a financial amount cannot protect you from the uncertainties of human life, and so any amount is never enough.


Having a clear financial goal can do a lot, but it will not make you safe. Consider this quote from The Money Keys chapter 4 on Spirituality:


“You’ll never be financially secure until you are spiritually secure.” – Sharon Riddell


The things that keep us worried about money come from the core fears we have as human beings—the fear of death, of not existing, of being separated from our life.


What I’ve found true for myself and true for the thousands of clients and students I’ve worked with is that when you directly address the real fear of being separate from life, you’ll find your way to peace in the present moment. And then it is possible, when in alignment with the spiritual principle of Unity, to quickly work your way back to feeling peaceful about money stuff.


Wherever you are on your journey of spiritual discovery, you are likely connected to the principle that God/ Higher Power is present, a truth that is eternal, loving, unconditional and greater than our changeable human circumstances. You can draw on this power to find peace with whatever your present circumstances may be, while simultaneously holding a space for more abundance to enter your life.


To that end, here is a simple practice you can use now – and anytime – to create peace beyond financial facts:


Pause. Take a deep, clear breath and release it. Call to mind your financial goals. And now allow the powerful attention of your mind and heart and energy to feel beyond those goals to the highest, most sacred feeling of divine connection with something greater than you have ever experienced. Let your own spiritual past be a blessing to you in this moment. Let go of the financial facts and be with the greater. Feel the peace… feel the peace beyond circumstance… feel the peace that is always within you. Ahh, gently shake the body a bit. Acknowledge yourself. And know you can do this anytime you need a reminder of where your security really lives.


Good for you: You have banished your money worries by cultivating and strengthening your connection to the Divine. This capacity is a powerful component of being a financial leader.