“Cultivating your spirituality, beliefs and habits around money is as important as developing strategies to earn, grow, and invest income.”


Rev. Karen Russo, MBA

Teaching and Tools to Help You Create Clarity, Confidence, and Consistent Cash Flow

Here are video trainings, audio meditations, reflection tools, and more curated for you to ignite your money momentum.  If you are an entrepreneur, spiritual seeker, or creative professional who wants peace, freedom, and flow, enjoy these gifts.

Lead Your Money Kit

Start here for your money momentum journey!  With this Lead Your Money Kit you immediately:

  • eliminate overwhelm and connect to an inspiring purpose with your money that energizes you to act and make progress

  • stop feeling upset about your money past and trust yourself with financial decisions 

  • release money worries so you access satisfaction, joy, and ease around money—which is priceless!

The Lead Your Money Kit includes:

  • Video Welcome from Karen Russo so you focus on the spiritual and financial priorities that will move you forward

  • Escaping the Money Traps 23-minute audio training to help you discover exactly where you are blocked—stuck in one of the 3 Money Traps—and which of the universal principles, the 3 Money Keys, you most need to activate

  • Beautiful PDF image of the comprehensive model, the Money Map, so you can visually connect with how your Spirituality, Beliefs, and Habits create your experience of money

  • PDF copy of Karen’s Grow Yourself, Grow Your Wealth mini book with summary teaching of the power of a Money Purpose statement and 2 weekly practices: Money Monday and Faithful Friday so you are focused and inspired every week

  • Bonus: 3 additional Money Keys Practices Audio Tools

    • Guerilla Gratitude – an unusual way to deepen in appreciation in your financial life
    • Financial Forgiveness – profound! release old guilt and shame that blocks you
    • Managing the Money Flow – quickly organize your financial choices around your values

5 Critical Money Results to Track in Your Life and Business

Many people make the mistake of tracking their money with too narrow parameters:  professionals look at salaries and business owners monitor sales.


In this 10-minute webinar Karen Russo teaches a fresh way to evaluate your money results. 

Chapter by Chapter Tools to Support your Spiritual and Financial Fulfillment with The Money Keys

The highly-acclaimed book The Money Keys: Unlocking Peace, Freedom, and Real Financial Power, by Rev. Karen Russo, MBA, offers education, inspiring stories, and simple, practical tools for applying universal principles to money and the meaning it has in your life.


Karen guides you step-by-step through the 12 practices of Gratitude, Inspiration, Meditation, Visioning, Inquiry, Healing, Co-Creation, Blessing, Serving, Spiritual Giving, Managing the Money Flow, and Creating a Wealth Expansion Plan. Use these and other educational tools to release your worry, fear, anxiety, and other emotional obstacles to your financial dreams and overall success.

I had read literally dozens of spiritual abundance books, but it wasn’t until I picked up The Money Keys that I made the real connection between spirit and money for ME. Doing the simple exercises taught me exactly how to integrate spirit with the finances of my coaching work. This has relieved so much self-imposed pressure. I feel free!”

Karin Witzig Rozell

Creator, Happy Little Practice, Granville, NY

Caught in a Money Trap? Take the Quiz and Break Free!

When you’re feeling upset, overwhelmed, and nervous—even a little bit—about your finances, it is painful. 


Your energy is drained, your time is wasted, and it feels really challenging to make the money decisions you need to make.

One of the quickest ways to transform your money struggle is to understand exactly what the essence of your financial block is—and which transformational tools will be most effective for you.


The Caught in a Money Trap? Quiz is designed for you to identify your most important strategies to discover peace, freedom, and flow with your money.

Create Deep Experience of Inner Financial Peace
with a Regular Guided Meditation

Use this 11-minute reflection process regularly—every morning, once a week—to anchor yourself in the 3 Money Keys, the universal Laws of Money. Experience peace of mind, spiritual connection, positive intention, and effective action in your financial affairs.

Lilou Mace Juicy Living Tour with Karen Russo on Spirituality and Money

For the spiritual seeker who wants to explore how the mystical truth of our divine nature integrates with the material experience of money… enjoy this classic.  Lilou Mace interviews Rev. Karen Russo, MBA, and dives deep into the spiritual money mastery teaching.