"Money worries are a faith issue... not a financial one."


Rev. Karen Russo,

Money Keys Ministry

Are you a leader in a spiritual community? Then you know the challenges around spirit and money:

  • Your people suffer when they do not fully embody spiritual prosperity principles

  • Many spiritual seekers still have hidden contempt, shame, and ambivalence about money

  • Without developing an expanded consciousness AND everyday practices most people will unconsciously replicate the financial modeling of their past

  • A financial prosperity message that addresses today’s challenges with job pressures, social upheaval, and ongoing economic dynamics feels relevant to your community

  • Tithing is a spiritual practice that blesses the tither… and it is powerful to have a refreshing voice bring the spiritual giving message to your community!

Individuals who are anxious and overwhelmed about money do not make the best financial decisions.

And they do not enjoy the Spiritual Peace, Creative Freedom, and Divine Order that you know they deserve!

If it were easy to flourish financially while living a spiritually fulfilled life, everyone would be doing it.


But the fact is, too many smart, talented, spiritually aware individuals are blocked by anxiety, resentment, and overwhelm in their professional lives.


On the outside, these issues APPEAR to be about needing more money, a better job, a different spouse, a change in government, or more clients … but ultimately, these challenges are a call for both spiritual and practical solutions.

I am Rev. Karen Russo. For those of you who know The Money Keys message, you know how passionate I am about making the connection between spiritual ideas and our day to day lives.


I truly believe that the infinite, loving presence of God expressing through each of us reveals itself as sufficiency, well-being, intelligence, plenty… yes, as wealth, that includes a healthy experience of money!

Having a spiritual guide in the creation of wealth provides insight and value.

Many people think of me as a Spiritual Guide in Wealth Creation. For the past 30 years, I have invested heavily in honing my secular and spiritual expertise, earning a Columbia University MBA, top-selling sales awards, and becoming an ordained Religious Science minister with the United Centers for Spiritual Living.


The Money Keys message has been welcomed across the globe at spiritual centers like Agape, Bodhi, Mile High, Center for Peace, Geneva, Center for Spiritual Living Seattle, Namaste, Unity Houston, and many more.

What that means for you and your communities, is that you can count on this spiritual teaching to be directly related to the issues, goals, and realities of today’s world.


There are many ways we can work together to celebrate the abundant nature of your community!

I am available to lead Sunday or Wednesday services with message topics such as:

  • “Grow Yourself, Grow Your Wealth”

  • “Escaping the Money Traps of Scarcity, Superstition, and Survival Mode”

  • “Discover Spiritual Money Mastery”

  • “Valuing the Masculine and Feminine Qualities of Wealth”

  • “One Source, Many Channels, Our Choices”

You can use The Money Keys book as a core resource or supplement to your Spiritual Prosperity campaigns including outlines for formal classes or book studies led by a Practitioner or Unity Teacher.


I have also created several tailored sessions for business ministry, women’s group, Board, and Prayer Practitioners.

The beautiful being I know as Rev. Karen Russo is a faithful servant, student, and teacher of universal spiritual principles.

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Founder, Agape International, featured in The Secret and Oprah’s Soul Sunday

Connect with Karen Russo

Upset, Overwhelm, and Disconnection about Money is Painful for Spiritual Seekers.

  • Most individuals will replicate the money conditioning and results of their past if they do not deliberately develop the 3 critical areas of creating and leading wealth: spirituality, beliefs, and habits

  • If “spirituality” is too superficial, people blame themselves and work harder, ending up feeling exhausted, upset with themselves, and ashamed— less connected to faith and higher power

  • Quite a bit of confusion exists about a true relationship to what it means to value, leverage, and embody both practical masculine and spiritual feminine power – leaving folks frantic around money, drowning in details, hoarding and hiding, overspending, frozen, and unproductive – suffering when we don’t need to!

So what's the solution? A Holistic Approach!

The most important healing strategy with money is to understand, value, and integrate 3 critical areas of development as a spiritual leader of your wealth:  spirituality, beliefs, and habits.


The MONEY MAP is a powerful framework for understanding how our experience of wealth happens through us, not to us.

There are 3 states of challenge around money:  the Money Traps of Scarcity, Superstition, and Survival Mode.  And there are 3 Laws of Money — Unity, Co-Creation, and Circulation that can free us so that we live in Peace, Freedom, and Order around money now.


Spiritual seekers get an immediate ‘aha’ when they create their own MAP and become deeply involved in co-creating the vision of their spiritual wealthy life.

Here is what your people discover when they connect with The Money Keys:

  • Why they are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and fearful in moving forward in the most critical spiritual, professional, and financial goals

  • Exactly how to set up for success in creating, achieving, and measuring their results by truly living the Laws of Unity, Co-Creation, and Circulation

  • How to identify the masculine and feminine qualities of wealth that everyone has the capacity to express

  • When and how to build the Masculine Money Focus to grow your wealth through action

  • When and how to cultivate Feminine Spiritual Faith to grow your wealth through awareness

  • Practical tips for starting or continuing to tithe

  • How to be successful in managing more money with less stress

When all of us leverage the decisive, disciplined, consistent, intellectual, action-oriented masculine aspects of personality WITH the sweet, spiritual, intuitive, artistic, flowing feminine aspects of being, we thrive.

Spiritual Leaders and Communities Value a Holistic Spiritual Money Approach

Pure Prosperity Series speakers must fully embody their message. Rev. Karen Russo delivers. Her high spiritual vibration is easily felt. She teaches in a very entertaining way! Her presentation helped our community members feel more confident about their finances, and she inspired each individual to be more generous, creative, and abundant.

Donna Marie White

Agape International, Director, Consciousness of Wealth Ministry,
Los Angeles, CA

We loved having Rev. Karen Russo share her spiritual money message during Adventures in Faith.  Our community blossoms when they hear an inspiring speaker.  They absolutely love it when given step-by-step practical ways to put their spiritual aha’s into decisive action in their financial lives.  Rev. Karen is so grounded within with our Science of Mind principles. Everything with her comes from inside out—and what she shines on the outside is brilliant and powerful!

Dr. Heather Dawn Clark

When a guest minister really ‘gets it’, we all benefit!  Rev. Karen Russo is a spiritual prosperity teacher with a true heart for serving our centers.  She has worked gracefully with our marketing, operations, and Practitioner team to customize her Sunday talks, create workshop experiences perfectly suited to our community, and make the business relationship mutually beneficial.  Our people are always uplifted in their own faith, more confident about participating in our pledge campaigns, and energized after Rev. Karen has been with us!

Rev. Marty Bacher

Former Senior Minister, Salt Lake Center for Spiritual Living, UT

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