“When you Discover and Apply the Spiritual Principles and Practical Tools of Money Momentum, you Feel Confident, Move Forward, and Get Results.”


Karen Russo

Here are the latest—and very best—offerings from Rev. Karen Russo, MBA. 

  • Are you a business owner who wants to make money making a difference?  Karen has created a 4-part video training intensive, 3 Unconscious Money Mistakes that Keep Business Owners Overwhelmed and Underearning’

21 Day Money Keys Jumpstart

Learn why a scientifically backed 21-day journey helps you manifest your magic using the universal spiritual laws of money! 

The truth is money loves attention! When you get into right relationship and daily action with your money, guided by principles of abundance and supply, you experience the transformation!

The 21 Day Money Keys Jumpstart is an active, all-digital, self-study program that immerses you in the 3 Universal Laws of Money so that you quickly experience:

  • Enhanced financial peace of mind

  • Less upset and more creative freedom

  • Increased flow with your money

To this day I benefit from the 21 Day Spiritual Money Jumpstart. I organize my financial life in ways I never have, my bills being paid in full, on time, and having money in savings as well. I lean into faith even though I still have moments of fear. It’s so empowering– exciting, creative ways of thinking that exceed ANY previous thoughts, behaviors, and perception!

Katy Tartakoff

Photographer, Denver, CO

It is time for you to get unstuck and activate your powerful potential.

If you are a spiritual seeker who enjoys learning and going deeper… but you are still struggling to create abundance, this is for you.

  • Eliminate scarcity thinking so you can fulfill your spiritual vision

  • Release shame and guilt about your money past so you can make good choices today

  • Create new financial habits so that you can focus your life energy on manifesting what you most desire

John Corriel

Voice Over Actor and Spiritual Counselor, Chicago, IL

Unconscious Money Mistakes Video Training

You deserve to fulfill your desire to make money making a difference!

In this 4-part video training you will discover why so many smart, inspired, hardworking business owners, like you, don’t attract and keep the revenue you want. 

After this training, Unconscious Money Mistakes That Blindside Business Owners And Keep Them Overwhelmed and Underearning, you will know:

  • How to identify and neutralize the most devastating hidden problem that even experienced businesspeople have about their finances, so you become more confident and effective in marketing, selling, and delivering your services.

  • Exactly how to make fast, inspired, and authentic decisions around money, so you gain control over your pricing and spending, and keep more of the money you make.

  • The secret to finding that one precious tool or tactic, so you can finally unlock your potential and access all the abundance you desire.