How Receptive Are You to Money?

How to Get Paid More– and Better.


“I’m working hard with a bunch of projects but not making money.”


“I feel so angry that my clients are paying below market prices.”


“No one will pay that much for what I’m offering.”


I hear this a lot. You feel upset and frustrated when you are not easily and gracefully receiving money at the level you desire. Hey, I hear you! This is an area I continue to work with myself—for me it shows up as an old belief pattern that “Money comes from hard work and struggle.” I’m often in spiritual practice to have a greater feeling of my natural, unefforted deserving, so that I can stop assuming that busy = successful!


So, let us do an inner shift and share a couple of practical tactics to activate your receptivity.


Spiritual principle tells us we are made in the image and likeness of a loving, resourced Creator. Already whole. Perfectly unique. Here is an affirmation that I created to remind myself of that truth:


Your value is priceless, your contribution profound!


I say the “Your” with my hand on my heart, and don’t stop until I feel the truth of it. I will also substitute “My” for “Your” to make it even more powerful.


What we believe – which directly creates what we think, feel, say and do – creates our experiences. Consciousness about money and value is cause and our life experience is effect.


Once you have that worthy inner realization bubbling, here are a couple of practical tools to address how you’re getting paid in the material world:

  1. Revisit your pricing. Pricing of your products and services reflects the results you create as well as the value you and your clients perceive. Start with an intention to serve greatly, then do some creative brainstorming about the financial impact your work allows for clients. Then price your work at the mid to high range of your peers. Only offer discounts, free sessions, or scholarships as a specific strategy, not reflexively.
  2. Make it easy to be paid. I’ve worked for years with a beauty consultant who is a very high priced, one of a kind specialists. I am happy to pay the high prices but oh my, do they make it complicated to pay – the online calendar isn’t up to date, there’s phone calls required rather than secure links I can use. Right now, look at your business systems for receiving money – how can you streamline, automate and take all friction out of how you bill clients or how they move through the payment experience?

When you cultivate an inner-felt sense of worthiness fired up from the spiritual truth of who you are and link it to practical tactics for pricing and receptivity, that’s a beautiful combination!