“When you grow yourself, you grow your wealth.  Money leadership in your personal and business life reduces stress, produces efficiencies, and creates sustainable financial results.”


Rev. Karen Russo, MBA

author, The Money Keys

Money Momentum Expert

Can Faith, Focus, and Financial Freedom Co-Exist?

‘Oh, YES!’ Says Speaker Rev. Karen Russo, MBA, author of The Money Keys

Karen Teaches Dynamic Wealth Creation Strategies and Tools to Professionals and Organizations Who Want to Build Momentum and Get Results

The Emerging Money Leadership Conversation


Karen Russo is not your typical, off-the-shelf financial advisor or spiritual guide—to think that would be like comparing instant coffee in a Styrofoam cup with an organic shade grown cappuccino with a distinctive foam swirl.


Think of Rev. Karen Russo, MBA, as the go-to expert for Money Momentum, a holistic leadership approach for professionals, entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, experts, creative folks, and spiritual seekers who want inspiration, confidence, and progress in their financial lives.


Money Issues are Costly to Organizations, People, and Communities … in Obvious and Subtle Ways


Too many smart, conscious, hard-working individuals, teams, and organizations are struggling to address change – in markets, society, and local, national, and global economies.  Many are personally faced with emotional blocks, distracted leadership, and underwhelming performance. These issues are costly – for people and for profits.  Time is wasted, energy is drained, and money is left on the table.


You Need a Custom Approach to Inspired Your Audience and Achieve Your Outcomes

Karen’s signature business growth framework, integrated with her knowledge of universal principles of personal growth and success, and her ability to quickly customize topics, is unique.


She blends her experience and expertise as an ordained minister, corporate leadership professional, and entrepreneurial money coach into messages, workshops, and curriculums that:

  • activate an individual’s powerful potential

  • teach practical tools of money leadership

  • create confident, focused money decisions

  • empower sustained shift in mindset, and

  • jumpstart financial freedom

Karen Russo speaks virtually and in person for women's groups, spiritual conferences, entrepreneur incubators, and business audiences in workshops, keynotes, and breakouts.

Absolutely no other author or speaker out there is talking about money and spirituality the way Karen Russo is!  As a guest expert for our Amazing Dreamers program, she was fantastic.  Karen’s passionate and committed to showing entrepreneurs step-by-step how to discover peace of mind and experience more prosperity.

Marcia Wieder

America’s Dream Coach, Oprah guest, WSJ Bestselling Author, Global Speaker, Los Angeles, CA

Connect with Karen Russo

Looking for an Engaging with a Fresh Message?

Meet Karen Russo

Karen Russo is the award-winning author of The Money Keys: Unlocking Peace, Freedom and Real Financial Power, endorsed by her teachers Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, T. Harv Eker, with a foreword by Bob Proctor. She also published the Grow Yourself Grow Your Wealth: Prosperity Practices for Faith and Focus pocket guide, and is a co-author, along with Jack Canfield and Marie Diamond, of the best-selling book, Strategies for Success.

Her entire career has been about integrating personal development with business development, using new money conversations based on values, empowerment, and professional success.


Karen earned an MBA in Finance from Columbia University with a specialization in Management of Organizations.  After working as a treasury management relationship manager with Bankers Trust Company, Karen joined as an account executive with the industry leading sales training firm, The Forum Corporation. Karen was recognized as Salesperson of the Year, a special honor in an organization distinguished by excellence in sales.


She continues to deepen as a sales, communications, and leadership development expert, facilitating virtually now and ready to again travel the globe leading workshops with clients such as Fifth Third Bank, Motorola, Roche, Sapient, Visa, and Willis Towers Watson.

Karen’s spiritual journey began in the 12-Step recovery programs and her education continued in decades of study with Dr. Michael Beckwith at the Agape Center.  She has a Masters in Consciousness Studies from the Holmes Institute and an Ordination as a minister of Religious Science. She served for over 10 years at the New Vision Center in North Phoenix.


Today, Rev. Karen is a favorite guest speaker and teacher in Unity churches and Centers for Spiritual Living communities across North America.

With a special passion for working with women around value, worth, and impact, Karen provides a fresh perspective on exactly how women can access their natural strengths to heal the past and prosper now.  Karen was honored to be selected as featured contributor (a minister writing about ‘Sex Transmutation and Wealth’!) in a collaboration with Sharon Lechter and the Napoleon Hill Foundation in Think and Grow Rich for Women.

She is a sought-after speaker for over a decade for eWomen Network, National Association of Women Business Owners, Athena Valley of the Sun, Phoenix Business Journal’s Women, Money, Greatness series, and more.


Karen served as Treasurer of the National Speakers Association Arizona board in over a decade as a professional member of the NSA. Karen contributes her time and resources to charitable groups such as Andre House, Gabriel’s Angels, and United Way Valley of the Sun.

Karen has appeared on TV’s AM Joy on MSNBC, Good Morning Arizona, Sonoran Living and WABC TV New York, in The Arizona Republic, in Phoenix Woman and Science of Mind magazines.

On a personal level, Karen loves deep, spiritual ideas and earthly stuff like good coffee, rooting for local sports teams, and hiking the Southwest.  She is a late-in-life newlywed living in Arizona with her beloved Bill.  Karen celebrated her 50th birthday by running the Phoenix Marathon; and plans a return to the tippy top of Camelback Mountain to celebrate her 60th.

Your Audience Needs BOTH Motivation...

and Practical Tools

Karen Russo Delivers Empowerment and Solutions

Karen frequently speaks for entrepreneur conferences, women's groups, spiritual seminars, and business professionals’ events in keynote presentations and breakout sessions. Here are some popular topics:

Topic: Your Money and Business Model for Sustainable Financial Success


Many values-driven business owners and professionals face economic uncertainties, evolving client demands, changing technology, and competitive challenges... pressures that can trigger financial anxieties and poor decision making.


If leaders are overly concerned about how their organization is making, investing, saving, and sharing money –even a little bit—it is common to react from a mindset of scarcity.  Hoard resources, stifle innovation, and retreat… at exactly the wrong time.


In this content rich session Karen Russo teaches:

  • Business Model – a simple, powerful framework with the 3 Strategies that compose a Business… and why it’s essential for leaders to spend most of their time on the 1 Strategy that Makes Money

  • 5 Money Goals that every leader must track for their group’s financial success

  • 2 Measures of Financial Success (too many track only1 of these!)


This session is for business owners, department heads, sales managers and their teams, project managers, and more—anyone who is responsible for the financial performance of a group or unit or organization.  


Karen always includes best practices stories from local and peer organizations for inspiration and creative ideas.


  • Leaders stop over investing time and attention in activities that do not directly move the business forward in serving clients and mission… and making money.  With more strategic perspective on the essence of Money Business Model, creativity is unleashed, and productivity enhanced.

  • Focusing on all 5 of the Money Results creates more ways of increasing revenue, margins, and profitability.  Leaders understand how to include a variety of key performance indicators directly related to financials, even if their roles are not directly in sales production.

  • With greater accountability on the measures that contribute to financial performance, there is improved individual and group capacity to make, allocate, and keep more money, creating the foundation to grow over time.

Karen Russo shares unusual expert content – content that matters! For our Small Business Bootcamp, we value speakers like Karen who consistently deliver strategic, actionable business growth tools—and engage the interests of our diverse audience.  She’s reliable, creative, and easy to work with too!”

Robert Theobald

VP, Small Business Services, Arizona Commerce Authority, Phoenix, AZ

Topic: Money Loves Rhythm -- Weekly Practices for Clarity, Confidence, and Cash Flow 


When an individual is solely responsible for generating the financial flows of their endeavors, it can feel like both a great opportunity and a great burden.  Emotional blocks from the past fester with guilt and shame. Handling financial tasks essential for doing the work feels overwhelming.


Especially for solopreneurs, coaches, healers, experts, creative artists –struggling with money issues is costly. Energy drains.  Time is wasted. Impact is diminished.


And likely these sincere, hardworking individuals are not making, keeping, and sharing the money desired or deserved. 


According to Karen Russo, the solution is not working harder or self-criticism; the answer is a fresh, integrated approach to money.  As Karen often says, “When you grow yourself, you grow your wealth.”


In this session Karen Russo is a Money Momentum coach, sharing:

  • Money Momentum –working with the rhythms healthy financial circulation that are essential to the long-term viability of an individual’s success

  • Money Purpose – connecting ‘making a difference’ to ‘making money’

  • 2 Weekly Prosperity Practices that jumpstart financial confidence and progress


This session is designed for solopreneurs, coaches, healers, creative artists, direct marketers, experts, financial and real estate providers—anyone who is personally responsible for their financial experience. Karen often presents as the “mindset expert” at financial events, and the “money guru” at spiritual conferences.


Karen shares delightful insights from her provocative chapter, ‘Sex Transmutation and Money’, from Think and Grow Rich for Women.


  • When individuals understand and embrace ‘Money Momentum’ they feel immediately more productive, receptive, and confident about their money lives

  • Stop wasting time procrastinating with financial tasks

  • No more drained energy overwhelmed with financial worries

  • Discover an inspiring sense of purpose connecting vision with money making for more innovation and creativity

  • Ready to implement the 2 Prosperity Practices to take more focused action and enjoy more financial satisfaction every week -> and accelerate financial results

We love speakers who can offer a practical, inspiring message to business owners… and who are pros. Wow! Karen Russo is a gem. She has a fresh approach to money that was uplifting and challenging for our audience. Karen is organized, engaging, and a great colleague to work with.

Deborah Snyder

National Director of Membership, National Organization of Women Business Owners, Washington, DC

Topic: Worthy, Wealthy Woman -- Escaping the Money Traps of Scarcity, Superstition, and Survival Mode


Too many smart, spiritually connected, talented women are overwhelmed by anxieties, resentments, and overwhelm in their money lives.


The emotional toll of money worries and shame can be devastating.  Women feel disconnected from themselves, their Higher Power, and the people and causes they care about.


Karen Russo believes these struggles, the ‘Money Traps,’ are common experiences that can be understood—and overcome. 


In this provocative, interactive session Karen Russo guides women with:

  • Creating their own Money Map, an inspiring framework for how we experience wealth 

  • Understanding which of the 3 Money Traps of Scarcity, Superstition, and Survival Mode are best to work with to support her most important money goals

  • How to identify the masculine and feminine qualities of wealth that every woman has the capacity

  • When and how to build the Masculine Money Focus for productive action

  • When and how to cultivate Feminine Spiritual Faith for satisfying awareness


This session is for women's groups, networking events, and conferences. Women who are business owners and professionals will value the leadership growth components. Women who are active in their personal and family finances will find structures and tools that are empowering.


Karen shares delightful insights from her provocative chapter, ‘Sex Transmutation and Money’, from Think and Grow Rich for Women.


  • Women feel uplifted and energized when they have completed their Money Map—ready to focus on more peace, confidence, and vitality with their money

  • Knowing which of the Money Traps is most hurtful empowers women to shift their thinking, conversation, and choices to break free of guilt, shame, upset, and overwhelm

  • Understanding when to activate Masculine Money Focus to build wealth more effectively through action

  • Understanding when to cultivate Feminine Spiritual Faith to experience wealth more deeply with awareness

Karen Russo did a brilliant job as our keynote speaker.  We got substantial empowerment, practical tools, business relevance and a high-energy vibe.  She was the perfect blend of elegant, powerful, inspiring, and relatable.  Everyone felt lifted up—and walked away with specifics for more success in their lives and businesses

Leila Perreras

President, Circle Communications, San Mateo, CA

Karen also creates specialty presentations such as Financial Forgiveness, Couples’ Essentials for Sharing Love and Money, and Pricing for Impact and Profits.


Karen customizes her content, examples, and activities to the environment and needs of a broad range of client audiences, such as the selected logos you see here.

Events with Karen Russo Get Praise and Results!

Karen Russo truly understands how to connect spiritual vision with practical financial actions that are required to achieve results. Discover your answer to ‘What’s the Money for?’ and thrive!

Sharon Lechter

international financial expert, and NYT bestselling author, Think and Grow Rich for Women, Three Feet from Gold, and Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Hi Karen,

Thank you for your webinar this morning! I really enjoyed your presentation and your approaches to business practices. It was both holistic and practical. I liked your ability to tie in faith and business. Faith isn't necessarily religion, per se, but knowing that investing in yourself, too, is a very important step towards financial success, in business.



Darin Meyer

Clear Focus, LLC






In The Money Keys, Karen Russo shares how you can find your way on your own Money Map toward a vision that is spiritually uplifting with a belief system that is mentally empowering and emotionally involving, and practical habits that help you to be the best you can be.


Enjoy the full manifestation of the greatness that is within you.

Bob Proctor


Featured in The Secret movie, Author of You Were Born Rich




We have a transformational vision for the Academy of Women Emerging – and expect our lead faculty, including the brilliant Karen Russo, to model the excellence we are developing in our women leaders.  Karen consistently brings her “A” game to our program.  With her special blend of heart and intellect she is an expert teacher and exemplary coach!

Jean Hendry &
Cynthia James

AWE Founders, Be Brilliant, Executive Presence and Image Expert; Transformational Speaker and Award – Winning Author, I Choose Me

I'm a smart woman with 37 years in financial services leading my own corporate consulting business. But a chronic story was blocking me:  'I don't do systems, especially dull financial stuff.'  After Karen Russo’s workshop, I discovered a new story with reports already available and business building strategies that do inspire me. Karen is brilliant.  She's like a financial friend who sees the big, best, abundant vision with you!" 

Laurie Battaglia


Aligned at Work, Scottsdale, AZ




Karen Russo is a radiant and powerful woman, as well as a deeply insightful and gifted spiritual teacher. Prepare to be celebrated and unleashed in ways you never dared dream possible.”

Katherine Woodward Thomas

MFT, NYT Best-selling author, Calling in the One: 7 Weeks to Attracting the Love of Your Life and Conscious Uncoupling

Connect with Karen Russo

For Spiritual Communities: 

Consciousness and Embodiment

Rev. Karen Russo has a Masters of Consciousness Studies from the Holmes Institute, in Religious Science, a teaching that synthesizes religious ideas, philosophical truths, and scientific principles about how life works.


Since 2007 Rev. Karen Russo has been an officially ordained minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living. She is a favorite Sunday speaker and workshop presenter for Unity, Religious Science, Unitarian Universalist, and contemporary spiritual organizations.

“Wow!  I’m hearing rave reviews from our congregants about Rev. Karen Russo and her Spiritual Money Mastery message.  Her generous consciousness and clear teaching of prosperity principles for today’s world made her a joy and a pleasure to have as a guest speaker and workshop leader.”

Rev. Cathy Jean Norman

Senior Minister, Unity of Ventura, CA

Want more on how Rev. Karen Russo’s message, workshops, and curriculums can bless your spiritual community? Visit www.MoneyKeysMinistry.com.  There you’ll find a special welcome and specific program offerings for churches and spiritual centers.

Corporate Facilitation and Training

Karen Russo earned an MBA in Finance from Columbia University with a specialization in Management of Organizations. After working as a treasury management relationship manager with Bankers Trust Company, Karen joined as an account executive with the industry leading sales training firm, The Forum Corporation. Karen was recognized as Salesperson of the Year, a special honor in an organization distinguished by excellence in sales.


For 30 years Karen has designed and led training courses as a direct and subcontractor professional with a variety of firms including Achieve+Forum and Miller Heiman Group. Today, with Korn Ferry Associates and others, she continues to deepen as a sales, communications, and leadership development expert, facilitating virtually, and ready to safely travel the world again leading workshops with clients such as Biogen, Fifth Third Bank, Motorola, Roche, Sapient, Visa, and Willis Towers Watson.


She has also delivered the acclaimed Consultative Approach workshop for Advance Consulting’s clients PeopleSoft, LAM Research, and Ultimate Software, as well as Workplace Anti Bias programs and Project Management Essentials for Results By Design and Starfish vILT.

Karen Russo is one of those rare leaders with the ability to connect with people’s brains and hearts to immediately help individuals and organizations open themselves to learning. She quickly sizes up people and situations and provide effective consulting, facilitation, and advice. Karen is the consummate professional and a joy to work with!

Ellen Foley

Client Success Executive, Korn Ferry, former VP Curriculum, UC Berkley Center for Executive Education, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

The Emerging Money Conversation in the Media is based on Values, Empowerment and Sustained Success Karen Russo is leading it - and TV, Podcast, Radio Audiences want to hear it!

Rev. Karen Russo, MBA, is a sought after guest for summits, radio and podcast interviews, and TV segments, panels, and conference appearances.


Karen teaches people a new approach to building financial confidence so they are immediately more generous, productive, and prosperous—without forgoing their values.


If you’re a producer on deadline and you want a Money Expert on money mindset, psychology of debt, entrepreneurial trends, consumer confidence, why couples argue about money, and personal finance issues, Karen Russo can deliver.


Karen has been featured on television’s MSNBC, Fox TV News, Good Morning Arizona, Sonoran Living, The Chat Room, and Eyewitness News WABC-TV in New York City. She’s a favorite guest on broadcasts like radio’s Inside Wealth & The Dr. Pat Show.


She has also appeared in Phoenix Woman and the Arizona Republic. Karen is a contributor to Science of Mind magazine.

Media Topics: Karen Russo Sample Segment and Interview Topics

  • Don’t Make These Money and Marriage Mistakes

  • Why Money Matters are a Faith Issue

  • Financial Forgiveness — Surprising Way to Heal Money Shame

  • Quick Tips for Clearing Financial Clutter

  • How to Survive the Holiday Season Debt Free

  • Avoiding the Entrepreneurial Money Traps of Scarcity, Superstition, and Survival Mode

  • Grow Yourself, Grow Your Wealth: Personal Development IS Business Development

  • 2 Weekly Rituals to Stay Financially Resilient

Over a Decade of Thought Leadership on Money, Spirituality, and Growth from Rev. Karen Russo, MBA

For the investor, business professional, or entrepreneur already committed to building material wealth, The Money Keys book helps you build spiritual mastery around money. By understanding and applying the principles and practices of The Money Keys, you exponentially increase your ease, satisfaction, and results in financial matters.

Deepen your spiritual faith while creating personal and financial abundance. Grow Yourself, Grow Your Wealth is a gem! It’s a little book with a big message to guide business owners, creative professionals, and spiritual seekers to use simple and powerful weekly practices to feel more spiritually connected and achieve financial goals.

Karen Russo was honored to be selected as featured contributor (a minister writing about ‘Sex Transmutation and Wealth’!) in a collaboration with Sharon Lechter and the Napoleon Hill Foundation in Think and Grow Rich for Women.

Karen has an engaging style and the professional savvy to tailor her message, stories, and language to connect directly with a wide range of audiences, including some of the logos you see here.

Karen’s perspective on our financial system cuts to the core of our existence, in sharp contrast to the superficial, overly mental economic analyses typically found in mainstream media. Her message is engaging… and sorely needed.”

Stu Zimmerman

Inside Wealth Radio,
President, InJoy Media

Santa Barbara, CA


See Karen in Action over the Years!

Karen Russo

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